What is AuditIQ?

AuditIQ is a service that scans ecommerce websites to discover problems and opportunities to improve them. This includes code, configuration, database, SEO, website performance, security vulnerablities, malware, and much more.

Information is gathered from a website 24/7 and real-time alerts are generated as it identifies potential issues regarding the site's health. Resolution advice is also provided alongside the alerts in order to reduce resolution time, and to provide actionable insight into the ongoing findings.

AuditIQ is aimed at development agencies who build and manage ecommerce websites for their clients. In this scenario, AuditIQ delivers an ongoing stream of useful information about client websites, often detecting issues long before the agency's own staff or the client. Using the advice from AuditIQ, an agency can be far more proactive and engaged with their clients whilst delivering valuable insights that drive website development projects, fixes and improvements.

AuditIQ scans websites in two ways:

  1. An agent application is installed on the server and this gathers information that is sent back to our central platform.
  2. We crawl the public front-end of the website in order to gather information about the web pages, particularly the performance and SEO quality.

Some data is collected every few minutes, some every hour, some every day and some weekly. This means that the information in AuditIQ is ever-changing, and this results in alerts and notifications as it processes the data and determines that new situations have occurred.

Feature Overview

AuditIQ's web portal provides a number of areas that contain summarised information that it has processed from the data collected. AuditIQ performances hundreds of checks every day on each website that it scans.

The main areas of the web portal are as follows:

  • Dashboard - Provides a central location where each client's AuditIQ report can be accessed.
  • Audit Pages - The audit itself is split into a number of sections, as follows:
    • General
      • Summary - Gives a summarised view on all of the "Critical" issues that currently exist throughout the entire audit.
      • Messages - Each time a check is done that results in a worse situation than before, then a message alert is created.
      • General Observations - Lists observations and recommendations about a wide range of areas covering the entire product.
      • Front-end Implementation - Lists the performance metrics of a range of key front-end web pages, for example product and category pages. These are measured using Google Lighthouse.
      • Hosting Environment - Provides real-time server performance data, as well as checks for a wide range of hosting environment issues.
    • SEO
      • Technical Audit - Lists each of the technical implementation issues that relate to SEO, measured across the entire website.
      • Health - Incorporating data from Google Analytics and other sources, we provide an overview of the health of the website from both an organic and paid search perspect.
      • Backlinks - An overview of websites linking back to the website to determine natural SEO visibility.
      • Competitor Analysis - Enables competitors' websites to be monitored in order to provide comparative SEO related data.
    • Code
      • Modules - Provides detailed information about the installed modules, including their purpose, whether they need updating, contain security issues, and much more.
    • Configuration
      • Changes - Listing all of the configuration changes that have happened over time.
      • Current Configuration - Shows the current website configuration.
      • Data Count - Provides ongoing totals of the amount of data currently in the website.

Platform compatibility

AuditIQ is compatible with Magento and Adobe Commerce websites. Support for other platforms is currently being added.

Who is this guide for?

Agencies who want to collect insights into their clients' Magento and Adobe Commerce websites. Specifically, this guide helps people in Client Management/Success roles understand the kind of data and alerts that AuditIQ can deliver.