SEO Technical Audit


We crawl the front-end of your website once per week to gather SEO-related information. We crawl up to 20,000 pages and apply approximately 100 individual checks to determine correct technical SEO implementation according to best practice.

Where we do find issues, these are categorised according to concern - either Minor, Medium or Critical issues. Each issue found is described in detail as to why it needs to be fixed, and we link to industry best practice articles in order to substantiate the reports, and this information can be provided to your client. Furthermore, we list all of the pages that we have found with each problem so that your team knows which pages cause the issue and so where to focus their efforts to fix them.

SEO Technical Audit

Understanding the report

SEO Technical Auditd detail For each issue found, we provide a variery of useful information, as follows:

  1. The issue name, and how many pages are affected.
  2. Background information about why we scan for this issue.
  3. Information about how to fix the issue. This often includes links to external websites, especially Google, where they justify the need to fix it.
  4. Clicking the "Show Pages" link will give you a list of the pages affected by the problem.

Using the above information, it is easy to build reports for your clients about the issues being faced.