Sansec eComscan integration

What is Sansec eComscan?

eComscan is a tool from Sansec that scans your Magento codebase to detect vulnerabilities and malware.

How do I get eComscan?

It is included as standard if the website you are scanning is subscribed to AuditIQ Professional Edition.

How does eComscan integrate with AuditIQ?

AuditIQ will trigger a security scan of your website code every hour as part of the other scans that it does. Results from eComscan are displayed in the AuditIQ portal, and alerts are triggered if anything is found.

Configuration of eComscan for use with AuditIQ?

If you use the installation script then configuration is automatic. Alternatively, it is possible to manually configuring the Audit Agent to use eComscan. In both cases, you will need your eComscan license key, which is provided by On Tap if you have purchsed AuditIQ Professional Edition, or can be obtained by purchasing a license directly from Sansec.