Each audit has a number of pages associated with it. The pages are grouped into areas, as follows:

Each page consists of common elements, as shown in the image below...


  1. The name of the audit.
  2. The "Page" drop-down enables you to navigate to the various pages of the audit.
  3. This shows you the purpose of the page.
  4. This shows an overview of the audit website, including the number of unread messages.
  5. As with all of the data tables within the audit, you can search it by typing into the search field. This enables you to field information quickly.
  6. The data table shows the relevant information for the page.
    1. Each of the columns can be sorted by clicking on the text in the column headers. This toggles between ascending and descending order.
    2. Where there is a "Concern" column, the table is typically sorted by default in descending order - Critical → Medium → Minor → None.
  7. Link back to the My Audits dashboard.
  8. Link to log out of the portal.