AuditIQ vs. other tools

We built AuditIQ on the premise that it will be the last website monitoring platform that you'll ever need.
We have put together this handy product comparison guide, showing how AuditIQ compares against a number of other popular website monitoring platforms. We are confident in AuditIQ's ability to transform any agency's approach to supporting their clients' ecommerce websites. We have broad compatibility with Magento, Adobe Commerce, Shopify, WooCommerce and BigCommerce - with more platforms coming soon.
Feature AuditIQ Adobe SWAT New Relic RUMvision Noibu Webeyez
Detects back-end errors
Detects front-end errors Q2
Malware detector
File integrity monitor
Configuration best practice advice
Monitors Core Web Vitals
Tracks front-end performance and best implementation practice
Detects customer journey errors Q2
User session replays Q2
Monitors server resources
Detects server security problems
Detects server configuration issues
Operating system security notifications (updated packages available)
Real-time alerting
Detects promotional rule issues Q2
Jira integration
Slack integration
Microsoft Teams integration
Whitelabel end-client access
Track third-party module updates Partial
Find security issues in modules
Monitors SSL/TLS certificates
Tests firewall for misconfigurations
Tracks end of life compliance Partial

Something for everyone...

...for account managers

Keeps you engaged with your client
Clients expect their agency to be engaged and proactive, coming to them with ideas and improvements. AuditIQ is like having new team members who bring these ideas to you and your team, giving you an ongoing supply of discussion points that help you enrich your clients' websites.
Finds the problems your team doesn't
Let's face it, your team is not constantly monitoring all aspects of your clients' websites. However, some clients expect you to - even the obscure problems. AuditIQ takes care of all the hard work, finding problems that your team isn't looking for, yet still impact your client's business.
Always monitoring 24x7x365
AuditIQ never sleeps, never has time off, and never gets too busy. When you get AuditIQ it is like onboarding the best employee that you've never had before - always there, always monitoring, always alert to the situations that can improve your clients' websites.

...for support teams

Real-time issue notifications
Checks are performed as regularly as every 5 minutes, so your team will mostly find out about issues before your client, and before they become real problems - giving you ample opportunity to resolve or mitigate.
Integrated with your processes
AuditIQ integrates with Slack, Microsoft Teams and Jira, giving many opportunities to incorporate it into your existing processes and support workflow.
Be proactive, not reactive
Break the cycle of just responded to client support tickets when they arrive! AuditIQ gives you the platform to flip your client relationships to become proactive and engaged - which is mostly what they want and expect.

...for business development

Issues found become work opportunities
AuditIQ finds issues that your client will want you to fix, so it is a great tool at helping to define the future development roadmap and to ensure that there are always services being delivered to your client.
Generates billable hours
We hear this time and time again from our agency clients - AuditIQ finds issues that result in new billable hours. It is not just about fixing problems - it finds optimisation and improvement opportunities that become projects in themselves.
Use it as a pre-sales tool
Once you have some paid-for audits in our platform, we unlock a powerful pre-sales prospecting tool for you that enables you to create unlimited one-off audits. Do this for a prospective client, and you instantly have a powerful sales document showing opportunities to improve their business - thus helping you to win new business.

...for developers

Finds problems in the code
AuditIQ monitors your back-end log files and front-end errors to give you an accurate picture of common and rare error scenarios. This helps you improve the code base over time.
Helps keep the codebase up to date
We monitor over 5,000 extensions and modules, and when a vendor updates a module we tell you about it. This helps you keep the codebase current. You are also proactively alerted to any security issues discovered in those modules.
Integrated code review
AuditIQ performs automatic code standards and best practice checks on all the bespoke and third-party code in the codebase. This helps you keep a clean, compliant codebase that is easier to maintain in the future, and helps eliminate problems before the code gets into Production.

...for Devops

Get ahead of infrastructure issues
AuditIQ is constantly monitoring key infrastructure metrics, both from within the servers themselves, and from the outside world looking inwardly. This gives you early notifications of issues before they become operational problems for your client.
Improves website security
Integrated malware detection and file integrrity monitoring give you an important new frontline against security attacks. Together with module security alerts, operating system security patch opportunites, and more - AuditIQ gives you the best chance to keep your clients' websites safe and secure.
Be proactive, not reactive
Solving Deveops issues when they become critical is never fun. AuditIQ gives you the ability to detect and plan work in a more structured way, meaning less disruption to your clients and less "fire fighting" in your schedule.
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