Unlimited audits now available with AuditIQ - the ultimate agency prospecting tool

Unlimited audits now available with AuditIQ - the ultimate agency prospecting tool

We have got some huge news to share about AuditIQ. Subscribers will soon have the ability to perform audits on an unlimited amount of websites.

This makes the service perfectly suited for agencies prospecting new clients and producing audits as part of your pre-sales material prior to pitching. You will only pay for the websites that you choose to monitor. One-off audits will be entirely free.

We are also launching a code standards check that proactively checks the quality of the code base. It highlights any modules that do not follow best practice Magento development and suggests the improvements needed.

This new operating model, coupled with the new code standards check, enables you to prepare detailed reports on how your agency can improve a prospective client's website - highlighting SEO implementation issues, security issues, code standards problems, configuration issues, database problems, as well as in-depth front-end performance profiling using lab data from Google Lighthouse as well as real-user data from Core Web Vitals.

One-off audits deliver results within 24 hours and so slot nicely into your pre-sales processes. There is no cost to existing subscribers to generate these one-off audits. Each of them stays in your account dashboard until you either delete it or convert it into a monitoring state - whereupon it becomes part of your paid-for subscription, and you start to get proactive daily updates according to the changes found on the website.

AuditIQ is now the de facto auditing and monitoring tool for Magento and Adobe Commerce websites.

With the introduction of unlimited one-off audits, AuditIQ is now a valuable member of your pre-sales team targeting potential clients, as well as your support and development team for existing clients.

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