Adobe Commerce Cloud

If you are using Adobe Commerce Cloud for your hosting, then the installation process is different due to the read-only storage that is present on the platform.

Audit Agent stores a small amount of local data, and so installation has to take place on /app/var/ which is Adobe Commerce Cloud's writable storage.

Configuring Cron

You will need to add new cron configurations to your file, and deploy these updates. General documentation for doing that can be found here.

An example of what changes you need to make are as follows:

        spec: "*/5 * * * *"
        cmd: "/usr/bin/php /app/var/audit_agent.phar ..."

        spec: "0 0 * * *"
        cmd: "/usr/bin/php /app/var/audit_agent.phar ..."

        spec: "0 */1 * * *"
        cmd: "/usr/bin/php /app/var/audit_agent.phar ..."

The recommended way of determining the actual changes is to use the shell script we provide.