Minimise security risks by detecting code changes in Magento and Adobe Commerce websites

Minimise security risks by detecting code changes in Magento and Adobe Commerce websites

In the digital age, the security of e-commerce websites is paramount. With the rise of cyber threats, it's more important than ever to ensure that your Magento and Adobe Commerce websites are secure and free from vulnerabilities. One effective way to achieve this is by implementing file integrity monitoring to detect unauthorized code changes.

File integrity monitoring is a crucial aspect of web server security. It involves tracking and recording changes in the system and application files. Any unauthorized alteration could potentially be a sign of a security breach, and immediate action is required to mitigate the risk. For e-commerce websites, the stakes are even higher. A security breach could lead to data theft, financial loss, and damage to the brand's reputation.

Magento and Adobe Commerce, popular platforms for e-commerce websites, are not immune to these threats. However, tools like AuditIQ can help you stay ahead of potential issues. AuditIQ provides a comprehensive solution for maintaining the security and performance of your websites.

AuditIQ constantly checks your website, scanning the code to detect when a module becomes out of date, contains bugs, or a security issue is discovered. This proactive approach allows you to find out about code issues before they become operational problems.

As well as monitoring module code, AuditIQ also monitors the theme templates and configuration files for changes.

AuditIQ also directly integrates with Sansec eComscan to deliver deep security insights about a range of known security vulnerabilities. However, it is important to note that it will take time (days or weeks) for tools like Sansec to be able to detect new vulnerabilities. However, AuditIQ gives you almost instant notification of suspicious changes. This enables developers to investigate quickly and mitigate any problems.

Using AuditIQ on your clients' websites will also help detect a range of other security issues, from authorised SSH access, server configuration issues, and even Cloudflare origin server exploits.

Working together, AuditIQ and Sansec eComscan deliver a comprehensive security solution for Magento and Adobe Commerce websites.

Of course, AuditIQ is more than just a security tool. It provides proactive alerts about problems and opportunities to improve the website, increasing billable hours by providing actionable insights that your clients will want you to work on. It's like having another team member who is laser-focused on client success.

Moreover, AuditIQ analyses the configuration to detect Magento configuration issues that are causing problems or those that are not optimal. It also monitors the server infrastructure to ensure that resources are coping and finds operational server issues.

The comprehensive web portal shows the current health of all your websites. You receive daily emails with any new issues, graded by severity, alongside actions to rectify each issue. The service also integrates with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Jira, providing real-time updates to any issues found.

In conclusion, detecting code changes in Magento and Adobe Commerce websites is a crucial step in minimizing security risks. Tools like AuditIQ provide a comprehensive solution, offering 360° visibility of your website's health and proactive alerts to keep your clients' websites up-to-date, secure, and optimized. By implementing such measures, you can ensure the integrity of your e-commerce platforms, safeguarding your business and your customers from potential cyber threats.


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